Testing &

Sub Level Icon Find your Co-Founder
Sub Level Icon Show your prototype
Sub Level Icon Optimize the prototype

Growth &

Sub Level Icon Funding
Sub Level Icon Grow with 5% per week
Sub Level Icon Continue to grow and adapt to the market

Idea &

Sub Level Icon What is missing in the world
Sub Level Icon Develop your idea
Sub Level Icon Design a prototype

Launch &

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Smart-up Map – 4 steps to a successful start-up foundation

On the following pages you will find various information and tools to support you in the start-up process. Whether a start-up is successful depends on various factors. We can therefore unfortunately not give you a guarantee of success. Because, as is so often the case in life, a pinch of luck is also part of the equation. However, we hope that you will find helpful support on the following pages and are happy to receive any feedback. The Smart-up Map was also developed entirely in the spirit of an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and is constantly being improved.