In the last section you deal with growing and scaling.

– How do you get capital?
– Who invests in your company?
– What contracts or patents do you need?

The further development of a start-up may take place qualitatively and/or quantitatively. Then “growth & scaling” can take place organically, financed with own funds, or with “external” funds – both take place and ultimately also depend on how quickly someone wants to scale.

– It is a popular wisdom that organic growth is considered “healthy”. That way, you don’t have investors asserting their interests. Such growth models also depend heavily on the cash flow generated, which is used to scale.

– Growth with third-party funding usually happens faster – but you have to be able to solidly convince investors to put in their funds. Often these commitments are not only financing, but also networking and consulting services. Good “pitching” to investors is the key performance that must succeed (see Launch & Implementation).

Smart-up is happy to advise you on the challenges of growth and is also well connected internationally with the financial and start-up scene.

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