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With a prototype, you can present your business idea, gather feedback early on to better understand users and continuously improve your idea.

A prototype doesn’t have to be a product
You can also “prototype” a service. Here are a few examples of possible prototypes:

– Product prototype
– Test version of an app/online platform (wire frames)
– Pop-up store to test your offer
– Limited period (interim use, culture)
– Basic version of a service/offer

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Tip: With so-called mockup tools you can create a click dummy for apps.

It is also very easy to capture a first version with pen and paper.
You can also make classic product protoypes out of cardboard, tape, wood, etc. Creativity is the key to success here! Be it at home in the garage or in mom’s kitchen. Use whatever is available. Before you start developing, you should think about the requirement. A catalog of requirements also helps in this regard.

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