Once the product has been defined, a suitable marketing concept must also be developed.

The range of services must be known to customers and tailored to them. Get support from experts.

A good preparation tool to attract customers is the marketing plan. The template below will give you a good starting point:

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After you have created your marketing plan, you should develop a detailed communication plan. With the communication plan, the goals of the individual marketing actions are defined and coordinated so that the communication is coherent, effective and efficient.

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It is also important that you efficiently manage the various channels that are relevant to you. The following graphic provides an overview of the different channels. Depending on the nature of your business (B2B or B2C), these are differently suited.


If you want to start your project, crowdfunding platforms are a great way to get customers early and pre-fund your startup. The following chart shows a selection of crowdfunding platforms available in Switzerland:

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If you want to learn even more about crowdfounding, it is recommended to read the following blog post from Smart-up: