Welcome to the second stage – test and develop your idea.

Here are the questions that follow:

– What added value do you bring to your customers?
– How do you earn money?
– Who’s on your team?

Which success factors are decisive?

For the success of a start-up, the right timing is crucial. Critical Mass Theory states that there are three elements that determine the right time: enabling technologies, economic momentum and cultural acceptance. Thierry Kneissler, Co-Founder Twint, tells us more in the podcast.

Just like successes, failures are also part of the everyday life of a start-up. But how do you manage to deal with the constant ups and downs and keep going despite all the setbacks? We talked about this with Peter Fankhauser, former CEO of the Thomas Cook Group.

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Tip: Get a lot of feedback as early as possible and start with initial tests.