Starting as well as building a business is not easy. This requires great willpower and perseverance.

What does it take to be successful as an entrepreneur?

– Courage
– Passion
– Willpower
– Perseverance
– Critical faculties
– Social competence
– Resilience

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Collect ideas
Brainwriting and the 6-3-5 method based on it are ideal for generating many ideas in as short a time as possible. Starting from the known problem statement, you or the team try to unleash the avalanche of ideas.

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Who are your customers?
Decide for which target group you want to develop your solution. In general, the aim is to focus on a niche or a specific customer segment at the beginning and then to develop further segments step by step.

Once you've identified different customers, it's best to think about what problems your customers have. A good tool for this is the Empathy Map. The more exchanges you have with your potential customers, the better you can fill them in! Interviews are very suitable for this purpose.

What problem are you trying to solve?
Another good tool for brainstorming is the problem statement canvas. The goal of this canvas is to formulate a clear problem statement that creates the foundation for your further work.

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Smart-up also offers interesting modules and continuing education courses. Use them to develop your idea further!

Further training offers

Im Modul 1 «Business Ideas» kannst du dich von erfolgreichen Unternehmer*innen, die vor kurzem noch selbst im Studium waren, inspirieren- und vor allem motivieren lassen.

  • Infoanlass
  • Dauer: 2 Stunden
  • Zeitpunkt: Frühlingssemester

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Im ISA-Modul Business Concept erhältst du Einblicke in den Kosmos des Unternehmertums. Ausserdem trainierst du unternehmerisches Denken und Handeln. Du beschreitest den Weg von der Idee bis zum Geschäftskonzept und bereitest dich theoretisch wie praktisch auf verschiedene Führungsfunktionen in einem Startup oder auf die Gründung deines eigenen Unternehmens vor.

  • ISA-Modul
  • 3 ECTS
  • Zeitpunkt: Mitte September bis Ende Dezember, jeweils Mittwoch Abend

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